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Default Re: Organized photo stealing from TE!

small correction of the title of this thread:

Photo stealing ORGANIZED BY TE

TE hides itself by the saying 'anything posted on the net can be stolen, there is no protection'
while the TE-system itself pushes your photos in top ranking search on the net
while TE never took any action against theft in spite their 'Copyright 2009 TrekEarth' annotation
while other sites try at least to protect more explicit photos of their members

in the view of 'the created opportunity makes the thief'
leaving a ladder unprotected outside your home is seen in many countries as an offence
that brings us back to the question:
Who are in fact the real offenders ?
Those who steal,
as well as those who encourages theft by negligent unprotection
while aiming for top ranking advertising rewards ?
Your choice to feed second option ... but then again,
you shouldn't complain about it here as you chose the option to encourage theft organized by TE.
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