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Default Re: Organized photo stealing from TE!

Hi, as the author of one of the stolen photos (Cologne Cathedral used as the banner on the top of I must admit that I'm partially shocked and a bit disgusted, but at the same time - proud. BTW. thanks Thor68 for identifying my photo and letting me know!

It's obvious that most of us are hobbyist and probably would agree to make their photos available for free, in exchange for being mentioned on the "about us" page or something like that. Of course everything changes when they violate this rule. The very fact that they thought that nobody will notice so they can do it without our permission makes them common thieves.
Has anybody of you already reacted and contacted them? I think it would be a good idea to send one, 'official' email listing all the photos we identified or at least be consistent in our 'demands'! :)

As for the more recent part of the thread (in fact it motivated me to post my reply in the first place) - the responsibility of TrekEarth... I couldn't believe my own eyes - do you really think that it's their fault that some guy simply browsed the gallery, right-clicked the pictures and selected "Save Image As"? I can't see how they encourage or make it easier for the potential thieves, all photo hosting sites I came across are the same, and the only workaround at web level I can think of if to disable right-clicks (which is in fact more annoying than effective).
You tried to suggest that that theft was encouraged or even organized (sic!) by TrekEarth - but I honestly can't see any connection between these facts (perhaps because I'm not really upset by the fact my photo was used, all my photos on Flickr are on free Creative Commons license and If TE allowed it too I would probably go for it)

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