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Default Top Tips

Here is the fruit of a long discussion I had with a Photographer friend of mine over the weekend.
Top 6 Tips for outdoor Photography.

1: Get Out there, you ain't gonna take no pictures if your on TE all day long. : )
ok that one was stupid!

2: Your home country has plenty to offer, and knowing the environment could be an advantage, it will also make you look at things under your nose in a different way.

3: Smile at people if can't speak the lingo. Eventually they'll smile back at you, so you know it's cool to take the shot. If it's not Ok it's useless to spend time trying.

4: Go where other's don't. It'll give your pictures a different perspective and make them more unique. Don't always go for the obvious angle.

5: Bring an umbrella. Especially in Asia. If it rains you can use it as a cover and continue taking pictures.

6: Look at postacrds (if available) and ask yourself , How could I possibly make this better or even more beautiful, and TRY doing it.
So there you go 6 little tips, after a 2 bottles of wine and several grappa's! Luckily we wrote them down on a napkin. hic : )
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