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Default Re: Blended exposures, or how to extend your dynamic range

I have a trick which I use as a mater of course for interiors which extends the dynamic range to 12 stops and beyond:
Shooting in RAW mode at -1 stop(Fuji raw extractor only allows -1 stop compensation) I then convert 1 file at -1 stop(notional -2EV), 1 at +1 stop(notional 0EV), and final 1 at +3 stops (notional +2EV).
In PS stack the files in asending order.
1st layer (-2EV) curves adjusted for shadow detail only, 2nd layer (0EV)set to screen. 3rd layer (+2EV)set to multiply and adjust curves for highlight detail only.
I have succesfully used the above twice at +/-3EV and once at +/-4EV although at that dynamic range its an uphill struggle to print.
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