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Default Laurent, some facts

Originally Posted by siolaw View Post

I am still under shock due to the recent departures of Daniel and more....
I wonder if it crossed the moderator's mind that Daniel may have forgotten about the "Repost" rule??? In my book, the correct polite and respectful way was to remind him the rule (without deleting) or even simpler: moderator mark the post as "Repost".... Furthermore, it seems that Daniel asked the picture to be reactivated and he got a negative answer....!!!
Laurent, I believe you are jumping to conclusions and have your facts wrong.

Why is it often assumed in a case like this that the Moderators have behaved badly?

When the photo was removed an email to Daniel was generated which informed him of the reason why it was removed. I assure you, Daniel did not ask for the photo to be re-activated or ask for it to be discussed; he simply declared that he was leaving, and posted in this forum to say the same thing. Therefore, his statement (below) is untrue:

Après avoir demandé que ma dernière photo soit remise sur le site et que les modérateurs n'ayant pas par sympathie accédé à cette simple demande importante pour moi, j'ai décidé d'effacer l'entièreté de ma galerie, soit près de 3000 photos.

He stated his decision to leave here...
But this was sent 13 minutes BEFORE he sent his response to the Moderators.

There is no way for the Moderators to simply mark a photo as a 'Repost', and in any case this would be ridiculous when the Moderators thought the photo was against the TOS.

Originally Posted by siolaw View Post
Now, many members (not to mention some of the greatest on TE) have been discouraged and left the site, why chase away more???
All members are subject to the same TOS and the same processes. Mistakes may be made, but not in this case. Daniel made his own choice.

Before your comment, it was suggested in this thread that Daniel's decision was too extreme or hasty. He has not been 'chased away'. I can't see any reason for some of your comments other than to use Daniel's decision as an excuse for coming on and lashing the Moderators.
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