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Default delted photos

I don't know about Daniel's issues but I can say that I had a photo deleted yesterday and I am not happy. Moderators reasoned that it was against TOS and more suited to TL. I don't agree and have responded to their email giving my reasons.It wasn't a flower, a pet or an everyday item, but a minimalist interpretation of a meeting on a train station concourse.As a long time member I thought I understood the TOS. I await a postive outcome. But as I pointed out, not only have they deleted my image but any critiques other members took the trouble to offer.I don't even know who these may be and so can't respond in kind. For those that did, it was "Meeting Of Minds" -so thankyou. Perhaps moderators should give member in danger of having a photo deleted 24 hours or so to respond to thoise who have left comments/critques? This is either a social networking site as well as a photo site or it isn't. Please make up your minds.
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