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Old 01-11-2005, 01:54 AM
sengir sengir is offline
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Default Re: Sorry for my ignorance...

well.. I have bad experiences with our polish photo portal..
at the beginning it was very nice place, lots of good photos..
and than it became more and more popular, and it ended up with being virtually flooded with thousands of shots, most of them bad,
after an hour or less uploaded photo was "lost for ever" somewhere deep in portal, and visiting it became less and less rewarding, as it was a real luck to find anything interesting..

I wouldn't like similar thing to happen with TE, I like it too much.
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Old 01-11-2005, 02:18 AM
cgrindahl cgrindahl is offline
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Default Re: Sorry for my ignorance...

My advice to everyone concerned about their experience in TE is very much like Jose's. Become active in critiquing photos that meet your standards posted by members willing to critique other's work. There is little to be gained offering your time and attention to photos submitted by folks disinterested in being involved in TE. Those truly engaged with TE will invariably respond courteously to your comments, perhaps with a response on their photo, but most likely by checking your portfolio and returning the favor. That isn't trading critiques so much as engaging respectfully.

Now, more than ever, it is possible to keep track of members whose work you respect by using the List feature. I began creating lists just a couple of days ago and it is a wonderful feature. I have a list for those who write critiques I most enjoy reading, another for those doing graphical images I enjoy so much and a third for serious photographers whose work I respect. You can tailor your own list and thereby enrich your experience. AND if you wish to check out photos from Poland, you may continue to do so, adding to a list of Polish members, those whose work you appreciate and who will engage with you in conversation. All of that is possible, simply by using features available on TE.

I may still check out TrekLens a bit, simply to post more photos without such tight restrictions, but my guess is that like Cesar, I'll spend most of my time at TE where the folks I've come to appreciate are hanging out. Where there is a will, Adam generally provides a way... ;-)
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Old 01-11-2005, 04:19 AM
vidafuleira vidafuleira is offline
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Default Re: Trek Earth Lite...

A blog, perhaps?
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Old 01-12-2005, 02:30 AM
djnik2004 djnik2004 is offline
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Default Re: Sorry for my ignorance...

Just thought i would add a little idea to this post, Ive been reading this for a while and it already has some very good points, and opinion and i hope people will always remember that this site is about learning about the world and if a shot is not brilliant technically but shows a part of the world which we would not have seen otherwise and we can learn from that, i feel it should be viewed, i feel that this is what half this site is about, the other half being learning to take better photos, and we should remember ist's not just points! I am a very young, new photographer and have only been taking pictures for the past 6 months, and the real reason that i started taking pictures properly is because after seeing other peoples work, and seeing how great some of the photographers on this site really are, that inspired me into taking more and ultimatly better pictures. The idea of the critiques is fantastic, i have learnt everything that i know about photography from this site, love reading critiques not just on my own work but on others as well, and i have learnt so much from these comments and suggestions, as well as just by looking at other pictures and used them to influence the way i look and take my shots. Being honest when i look back at my posts over the past 6 months, i look at my early posts i feel that i should delete them because my skills have developed much since then, and think that what people have said in this thread that people will upload anything is very true & im sure you'll agree if u look at my work. I would delete them but they have the all important points for my score.
The little idea that i had is:
There is already the feature to turn off the amount of points a photograph has already recieved and so not to be biased as to which thumbnails are view, i myself have been guilty of this. If for instance there was the facility to view these shots without point information as well as photographers information and so there was no favouritism and people viewed and critiqued from what they see in the shot and not just because they are people they know. Only an idea but one which may be worth bearing in mind. Of course you are always going to be friendly with certain people with same interests/from the same area, or people who have left you critiques and you feel obliged to return the favour and add some points, this is great and this site is good for making friends also from all over the world. From the point of view of someone who is very willing and keen to learn all there is to know about photography i feel maybe people should look a little further and help the people who dont have the experience or equipment, to learn the trade as we are always very keen to learn from people who have the invaluable experience and the knowledge that you all have and ultimatly learn to take great photographs!
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Old 02-06-2005, 09:59 AM
laurenz laurenz is offline
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Default Re: Trek Earth Lite... -> the TrekX group

It sure would be nice if there were public groups, the same way as there are private and public themes.


BTW: I'm now adding people who submitted interesting feedback on my photos to a special group, so I can return the favour...
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