To laurenz: Nested moon

  • I think your idea is good and improves it from the artistic point of view. Yes I wish I could have scanned from the original slide as the print definitely lost some of the colour tones. By the way can you recommend a slide scanner to me. Many thanks for doing this workshop.
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    personally, I use Minolta Scan Dimage Dual IV which produces remarkably good scans for a relatively small price.
    More expensive, but also better according to the specification and test results I read are the Minolta Dimage Scan Elite 5400 and The Nikon Super Coolscan 5000 ED.
    There is a special feeder for the Nikon 5000 ED that allows you to batch scan large numbers of slides, but the scanner alone is three to four times as expensive as the one I bought.
    A scanner I tested was a Braun that accepts whole slide-trays and looks like a slide projector.
    I was able to scan loads of pictures with it, but there were quite a few among them which I had to rescan... Overall, I was not impressed with the quality and the software.

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    Hi Laurenz
    soory for not geeting back to you sooner. many thanks or the info. I happened to come across the HP 4070, any idea if it is good ?