(A310) Workshop: December Beach IV

  • Hello Paul! I decided to play with one of your pictures.I used Photostudio 5 that comes with every Canon product.I really like this picture ,so I only cleand it up and croped it.You are right about the bright sun.I did touched it up a bit ,by shrinking it to give more star like look.Also I tried to narrow direct reflection from the sun to reduce burned spots.Cleand up water,because the reflection of other rocks under the water were destructing the overall view. Anyway your picture is very beautiful and did not need much.For me it was hard to touch up on resharpening,since it had been done .Would be better to work on Raw original.
    b.t.w I did not like that other posted work shop at all.It lost all of its originality.
    Wish you wonderful Christmas and good light in photography.Rene.