Sizeing picture

  • I am looking for a good strategy to reduce images to TrekEarth requirements. I am having difficulty adjusting both pixel size and 300k bits. Any suggestions for a workflow plan.
  • Resizing photos
    After resizing your photo (800 x 600 is the max allowed on trekearth), go to the menu for saving the file and use the "save as" option, it has a slider that allows you to control the size of the photo, you might not get always the 300k but it doesn't matter at all as for WEB and TE standards it's mor than enough.

    You might also use "save for WEB" but you'll loose all the EXIF info.

    Hope this helps, if you still have questions please ask or mail me.
  • Picture size
    I finally came up with a scheme that works for me in Photoshop. Size to 800 pixels, DPI to 72 then save as jpeg and adjust to get size under 300k. Thanks for the suggestion