Samsung Galaxy Camera [One more angle]

  • Samsung Galaxy Camera: What's the point?
    I was looking for a cheap MID, like a 7" tablet, on a cell phone-company plan—the likes of S3 or Note or OneX were better factor for pocketability, but out of price range. Then I realized the G-cam hit the stores, and went for some hands-on experience: the 4.8" screen is pretty much enough for my browsing [AND email] needs, and—guess what—costs the same as a 7" tablet in the plans! > So, ta da!, I get the P&S camera for free—no extra cost! I'd rather see it slimmer, but it's more pocketable than a tablet [in terms of (gorilla) glass breaking], and besides, I still have in the closet all those leather belt-bags from when cell phones were a different form-factor [I kinda miss that going-for-the-gun movement].
    Also, no one of you guyz thought of using this camera for video streaming? Like, on Ustream, Livecast, etc. Somebody is probably already working on a G-cam optimized video-streaming uploader.
    On the other hand, the thing that does bother me at this point is the constant getting-out-of-focus while zooming, as well as the JITTERS that are obvious when the zoom extensions move (forward or backward) and hit the mechanical limits--it all STAYS on-the-record. Tell me what to do about THAT? Just don't say I should first zoom, and then shoot. [As the jitters are more pronounced at wider angles, it could also be that the image processor is not on par for smoothly recalculating 30fps of the greater number of objects in the wider picture. – A possible improvement is, obviously, to use the zoom from 4 to 21x, instead of 1-21x.] The other pain-in-the-ass defect has not been solved in HDV video either—and probably won't be by any upcoming G-cam upgrades: the video pan movements are more than noticeably rickety! I gave up on that one, but still have to ask: does anyone have any tips?