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    For Adam
    hello Adam, for a certain time we can see on TE of the photographs of a lot flowers, which are very beautiful, but which should not be on this site but on TREKLENS, according to réglement of you, only the photographs which learn to us on the various ways of life, architecture and the landscapes do not have to be posted, may be it would be necessary can be to recall it to the photographers who forget this rule. what do you think about it?
  • Re: New TOS Violation Feature
    Hello All,

    This discussion is close to the various reasons I don't post or participate alot now in the site : too many junk/badly placed photos drowning the interesting ones.

    I don't have "time to loose" to browse thousands uninteresting photos that their authors posted just because they took their first photo with their new Digital Cam and they want to be evaluated on this site.

    Now the point is the Violation Feature : Adam, why don't you move this Violation Link into the Critique part of the Photo. BUT, this might be in a Combo Box, providing a list like :
    - To be Moved to TE
    - To be Moved to TL
    - TOS Violation

    After some 5 or 10 clicks on one of the 2 first choices, the photos would be automatically moved / or deleted / or an email to the author sent ?

    Just an idea that I wanted to share with the community :-)

    Best regards,

  • Re: New TOS Violation Feature
    Just want to add that I forgot "To be Moved to TN" :-)
  • Re: crappy pictures
    In some ways, I disagree. If a flower/bird/animal/object is specific to a country/place/region or is associated with that place, then I think it does belong. It shows people what they can see/find in the country.

    I agree about portraits, unless again the portrait is of someone who could be specifically associated with that part of the world - local costume, local style, etc.

    I think people posting portraits of family/friends etc should be posted to TL rather than TE.
  • Post-regulation
    In "About" on TE's mainpage I read:
    "The underlying theme of TrekEarth is learning more about the world through photography."

    I also read the various comments in this forum section about. TOS violations, self-regulation etc.
    Some rather startling positions were taken there. Let me explain.

    What strikes me as very odd, is that WE do not see a basic definition and understanding of
    a) "learning more about the world"
    b) "photography"
    or put in a different way, what it means to be learning thru PHOTOGRAPHY about the "world" ¹

    Apart from a footnote here I'll leave it to others to fine-tune what the "world" may and may not encompass; but pray tell what exactly is "photography"?

    In my early days when "photography" was confined to using a camera and fooling around in a dark room, it seemed pretty straight forward what "photography" was...

    In this new software/hardware driven cybernautic era it appears that one can now replace that dark room with a fully loaded rainbow computer and manipulate "post-camera" images to one's hearts content.

    I personally have no problem with this - dare I coin a word - "cybography"... I just wish people would be HONEST and UP-FRONT about their post-shoot manipulation(s).

    What say you all, oh long term participants on TE???

    Jay Meeuwig,

    "Handle" on TE: Shoot_Score.

    ¹ My "world" most certainly includes the flora and fauna that makes it most interesting. That, for instance, could be an ovis canadensis canadensis in Radium, or a Donkey Orchid in Western Australia...
    I believe that with some proper Photographer's Notes the TE membership stands to learn more about that than about some anonymous - location unknown - clouds that may or may not be a guitar or a marshmallow.