To kasianowak: Thank you Kasia

  • Hello Kasia,
    Thank you so much for your kind words today. Your comments are more interesting than my photos.
    I have certainly seen that Ettore Scola movie. It was very popular in Sweden. I haven't read the book by "Normal" Lewis , but it's easily available so I might buy it on the net.
    Have a nice Sunday, and upcoming Easter.
  • Normal Lewis
    I should read those posts second time before I hit the "upload" button. This is one of at least two typos!
    Anyway, Norman Lewis travelled to Vietnam in the 50s so a few decades earlier than you. And 20 years after a Polish author whose book I read earlier.
    Have a nice Easter week. :-)
    Ps. Do you know where Malgo has gone??
  • Yes, she's in New Zealand! Left a couple of days ago.