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SSSimon's listsssimon2006-11-1110Ma liste pour l'instant sans description particulière.
Favorite PhotographersEye_Candy2006-11-0340Everyone that catch my personal atention by the photos taken...

B Good
Tiago Silva
What I likeMuhanadY2006-11-0120
Persian Photographers.jaja19702006-10-27497I am going to gather Persian (Iranian) photographers list, whom live all over the world in here.
Your kind help may spped up this task.
With best Wishes,

Favoriteslglase2006-10-2140List of favorite photos and photographers found on the TrekEarth site.
Mes rencontres sur TEMuse2006-10-21450Les photographes avec qui j'ai sympathisé lors de diverses rencontres.
Favourites - 1bibiweb2006-10-21450
Members I've met - 2bibiweb2006-10-21450TE members I've met
Members I've met - 1bibiweb2006-10-21480TE members I've met
TE members I have metdragonslayero2006-10-1470Simply a list of which TE members I have met
Iran and Iranianvista2006-10-1332My Photos from Iran and Iranian People
Thai Photographerpack2006-10-12180List for Thai Photographer
Canadian PhotographersThorondor2006-10-1051I haven't seen a similar list on here yet, so I shall make a list for us Canadian photographers! I want this list to highlight photos by Canadians taken at home and abroad. Perhaps we could have a focus on pictures of Canada, but feel free to post some pictures of your international travels. I'll likely put some up...
TE members IIdkeus312006-10-10481
Gorge Samariakkyriakos2006-10-0810Photo of Gorge Samaria in Crete
St Andria di u CotonePsychose2006-10-0610
Fotografos interessantesebassotto2006-10-03100
sumatra pictureskorbee2006-10-0310