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mkamionka 01-22-2022 05:05 PM

Is the TrekEarth site still abandoned by IB?
Hi Everyone,
The world has changed in recent two years so maybe it is naive but I thought
something may have also changed in the Internet Brands, maybe management is new or you got some new IT people who are smarter, maybe your priorities have changed...
So I wanted to bring up this question again:
Is the TrekEarth site still left to die out or there is a hope that somebody would restore the original functionalities like for example the maps?

It reminds me a case of Kodak. Company which was pioneering photography by because they didn't swtitch to digital photography fast enough they collapsed. Here I suppose the switch to the phone apps was critical for ensuring the new generation would partiocipate.
As much as I hate smart phones, I think the modern world is addicted to them so if something has no app, it ceases to exist.

Kind regards,

Keitht 01-24-2022 10:55 AM

A long time ago IB made it clear that they had no interest in developing the site, or in fixing any of the ongoing problems. I don't see that changing unless the site is sold to new owners. Even then, I suspect the issues you have outlined mean that there is little likelihood of major changes, even under new ownership. Sad, but certainly how I see things. I would emphasise that these are my own thoughts and have no association with IB.

mkamionka 03-28-2022 04:58 PM

BTW, I just looked at the IB website and read the following:

"WE’RE DIFFERENT. Our established history, sustained profitability and growth, and finely tuned culture sets Internet Brands apart in the technology industry – and in the business world at large.
and we embrace being different.

The IB Way is the reason for our proven success. It’s something we value highly and actively nurture. Among its tenets:
We move fast
We aggressively experiment
We spend and operate smartly
We grow our people internally
We are flexible and collaborative
We aspire to find the best in ourselves"


Porteplume 03-29-2022 08:21 AM

A bit bored, Mariusz? ;)

Warm greetings from Holland,

mkamionka 03-30-2022 12:58 PM

Hi Viviane,
Just the opposite, but I thought whether there is a way to save this website, maybe buying it out from IB. I thought whether there maybe an option of using it for research since there are more and more historical photos there collected from all over the world over so much time. So in fact I was checking the IB website, and I was looking for alternative solutions.
I think it is a precious collection and I am worried they will just let it go because it is too complicated for them to maintain and not profitable anymore.

Kind regards,

Porteplume 03-30-2022 01:07 PM

Thank you…
Thank you so much Mariusz,
I know you are a real fan of photography and TrekEarth! I was joking and a bit bored myself! ;)

Really, just like you I have no idea what the future will be but the past was great for sure! And just like you, I think there is a huge and wonderful collection of unique photos here.

Wishing you a great day and sending you warm greetings,

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