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macjake 04-01-2020 03:41 AM

To worldcitizen: Covid
Hi Brenda
you say you're worried about me...i'm worried about YOU! Seems like Manhattan is ground Zero right now.
have you been going out or staying in? Hopefully you're staying in. As you could imagine there is a lot of panic and fear at the hospital.
Here it seems to be the Retirement homes have it worst, not so much the hospitals - as I hear the hospitals in Manhattan are over-run.
We havn't reached that level - also keep in mind we don't have the population as you guys do.
at work i'm always wearing a mask and gloves and gown, i'm taking the precautions i need to, but I still expect to get it...just based on statistics, so i just accept it. I'll deal with it when it comes. i mean, really, what can you do right? I'm sterilizing as much as I can, doing all the right things. I'll try to keep on TE as much as possible :) Stay safe, hope you're family are safe as well. thinking about you!

worldcitizen 04-01-2020 04:21 PM

Staying in...
Hello Craig,

Thanks for your kind words. I am definitely staying inside. I have actually been at home for 17 days, and I'll probably be here for at least another month! So many people here in NYC are infected, and I'm not taking any risks. It's nerve-wracking just to go to the grocery store... The hospitals are full, and it's definitely scary.

Thanks again for being on the front lines. I hope your family is well, and that you all stay healthy.


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