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Rinie_Hoff 07-24-2006 04:04 PM

To spence: I tried that...
Hi Jenny,
I agree with you about the horses, but in the first place they were laminly in the shade, and in the second place, forgot to adjust the ISO from last time I used the camera, so it was still on 1600 ISO, and when you adjust brightness, you see too much noise, so I left it more or less like I shot it.
Thanks for passing by.
How's winter? Here we have a hot summer in Europe, sweating a lot on the bike, and do not want to be indoors and behind the PC too much.
Take care, Rinie

spence 07-25-2006 03:56 AM

Re: To spence: I tried that...
"How's winter?" Well, bloody freeeeeezing seems to have been one of our coldest winters that I can recall, though very dry. And we don't even get the compensation of photogenic snow in Melbourne. But the good news is that there are early signs of Spring already - the wattle (mimosa) and prunus are all in blossom. Soon it will be our turn to be sweating outside, and you guys will be spending half your lives at the computer... The scary thing is how incredibly quickly the seasons come and go these days!

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