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delpeoples 09-01-2014 02:50 PM

To photoray: :)
Dearest Raybum

Thanks for your inciteful critique. Sadly we are going the same way as the USA in all the wrong ways. I actually left the Iraq/Syria issue off the list, as no one was really protesting it at the March. But we soon will be, as today our moronic Prime Minister has announced we will be providing weapons to the USA in Iraq and possibly be entering the war. Unlike the USA, which requires a majority vote of Congress to go to war, that very important decision rests solely with our Prime Minister. And in this case, one who is a dishonest psychopath. So we are in big trouble.

We also have very short memories. The last Iraq War - and the one before - was a disaster, based on a lie. Those that lead us into those wars, and whose decisions were responsible for the deaths of almost a million people, should be in the dock facing prosecution for war crimes.

The word "genocide" has been bandied about too much by the Prime Minister and the Murdoch propaganda machine. They seem to be very selective about the "genocides" in which they intervene. Their silence on the one in Gaza leaves me speechless. And the one in West Papua. And the continuing one in our own country against our First Nations Peoples. As I remarked on Bragbook, the people who bray for war are never the ones who fight that war.

Thanks once again for your support, it is appreciated and is nice to know that there are many of us.

PS: the Micky Rourke lookalike is a lady, and a very nice one at that :)

photoray 09-02-2014 06:53 PM

Military Industrial Complex
Gidday again Rebel Lisa,

I have many stories about war, but not enough space to write.

Ironically in college many of our professors were WWII veterans, and they all abhorred military action.
My university - California State University at Los Angeles was (and still is) considered the milquetoast of colleges. However we rose up to riot against Dow Chemical when they came on campus to recruit. Encouraged by our professors, the students surrounded their recruiting trailer and prevented them from coming outside. Most of us were not aware, that Dow was the major manufacturer of napalm and agent orange, which was being used to massacre the Vietnamese during our war of invasion, in the name of "Freedom, Democracy and Capitalism vs. Communism".
I was also drafted soon after to go to Vietnam, but got a reprieve by appealing to the head of our Draft Board that I could serve better in an intellectual pursuit. Which led to my being hired by an ex Pentagon colonel to become a transportation government agent/analyst. Then the story gets really long......

delpeoples 09-03-2014 02:06 AM

Military Industrial Complex
Ciao Raybum

Wow that's an interesting snippet of history. If we ever meet, I would be interested to hear more. Over copious amounts of beer. Or better still, write that book, I know you have it in you.

What stuns me is how overt Dow Chemicals were in actually going to campuses to enlist people. I bet neither they nor their families fought that war. What stuns me more is how blind the people were in not seeing the connection - and the motivation. Whilst we don't have a military industrial complex here in Australia, in recent history we have kow-towed to the USA and its Enrons, Dows and Koch Brothers. Many of us see the connection between the military industrialists, natural resources and the Middle East. But it's not publicised, and those who speak out are labelled crazy Lefty fright bats. Murdoch owns 70% of our media here. Hence the information shut-down. We are one of the most propagandised countries in the world. That's why I feel it's my duty to scream from the rafters. It is the only reason why I use that odious creature Facebook, as you've probably noticed ;)

My uncle was a "tunnel rat" in the Royal Engineers 1st Field Squadron in Vietnam. His number came up in the draft and people were still of a mindset that war was glorious and it was our duty to mindlessly fight someone we had no truck with. He was sprayed with Agent Orange when he was over there, at the tender age of 19. Three of his children were born blind and he died of a brain tumour 2 years ago.

Cheers, and thanks again

photoray 09-03-2014 11:49 PM

Military Industrial continued
Howdy again Rebel Lisa,

I agree we all must read and analyze more and speak out more, etc.
And I am shocked at Murdoch's control in Oz which saddens me even more.
Our "Comedy Central" cable channel takes a unique approach with satirizing politics and the Rich via John Stewart's Daily Show, and the Colbert Report.
I watch it frequently and feel guilty at laughing at realities, but then at least someone is trying to waken us propagandized Yanks.
And I am deeply sorry about your Uncle and family. And can remember our news media and TV back then reporting on what a successful program Agent Orange was. But a few news media reported the truth of how disastrous a chemical it was and totally stupid to use anywhere.
Most of us are not aware that more bombs were dropped on Vietnam than all of Europe and Japan during WWII, and we killed 3 million Vietnamese many women and children.
I would like to meet you and your family, unfortunately we are at the opposite ends of the Earth and family illness is keeping rooted here. Perhaps someday.

And by writing Sierra Nevada photography and travel articles for National Geographic I plan to save and use them for a book if it works out.
Best wishes,
Calbum Ray

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