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sayeed_rahman 08-24-2016 07:57 PM

To willperrett: Film sim
Hello Will, how are you?

Well, the grain is just a to suit a mood. Tried a Kodak tri x simulation. I just didn't like the smooth flat presentation, just experimenting. Oh how I wish I could shoot a 400 film..I have still one undeveloped ilford in the drawer. Some portraits in there, will share it with you when the prints come in. The camera is the regular d300 Nikon I have been using. But yes, the lens was a 50. I don't see the point in mentioning camera and technical details anymore. Camera is just another tool that will slowly but surely lose relevance in the long run. We need to see straight to the final product, the photography. All these gadgets and chips just cause an unnecessary distraction. I think you liked the photo a little bit. That's enough satisfaction for me.

Big handshake Mr. Will.


willperrett 08-24-2016 09:10 PM

Hello Sayeed

I liked it more than a little bit!! The Kodak Tri X simulation: is that using Nik Silver FX Pro, by any chance? Like you, I love film, and used to teach darkroom techniques; sadly my last film camera (Canon T90) has died, but I can still borrow my daughter's Bronica ETRS. Now that's special!


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