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Hormon_Manyer 11-06-2007 08:52 PM

To silvia_zenova: Hi Silvia,
Thank You very much for Your critique. I'm glad You like my mushroom photos - You can find much more if You visit my galleries on TrekNature and TrekLens. The reason why You found frozen Lepista nudas is most probably the mountains: around Sofia they're much higher than here. I shot this on ca. 700 meters above sea level, and there wasn't frost yet - unlike now, a few days later. But above 1000 I'm sure there was frost at night these weeks. Have You had the first snow already? Here it didn't come yet, although the weather forecast said it to this week.

If You'd like to see more of the Bükk mountains, <a href=>this is a recommended page</a>, although it's written in Hungarian. Some help with translation:
hegy = mountain
völgy = valley
mező = field
barlang = cave
víz = water (source, creek, lake etc.)
Let me know if You're interested in or if You need more translations. I'll post more images from the mountains soon - hiking is my life, beside my family, of course. Cheerz, László

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