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drt100 07-03-2013 05:01 PM

To jhm: I agree with YOU
If I could I would have liked to have taken in the full mast on that sailing ship. I totally agree with the rule that a ship should stand full ... like cutting off the head in a people portrait ... the mast should be seen. It was my fault as I took focus on the far buildings ... it made a nice photo, but could have been better with a complete boat. The original came up short for the top of the boat and thus I could not even just see how it might have been. The dock was too close to the boat and my back was against a rocky steep hillside. I did not have a wide enough lens to get it all in at the close distance I was in to the boat itself. This was the nature of the case .... but no less counters your wise point that the photo should have followed the rule ... and for it would have been all the better. I agree with you.

Thanks my kind friend ... small points like this make me think more about the technique of a shot.


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