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Since things started to get worse few years ago, I noticed that when I upload a photo there are two possible scenarios:

Option 1. After clicking upload I get error message. After going to my gallery I see that the photo is copied over but without the note and without accepting the location (town).
Usually in this case I click on edit and one more time I select the location and paste the note (which I always write in a text editor just in case).

Option 2. There is no error message and everything appears normal. The location and note are there BUT in that case all links and formatting from the note are deleted. So in that situation again I had to edit and paste the note again (if I had some links or formatting).

Since few years there was NEVER a situation that an upload would happen without any error.

Of course it is quite ridiculous that things are that are happening but administrators don't actually know this website so trying to explain anything was always difficult and now in addition they actually say they don't know how to fix things so there is not much point in this forum...

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