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Default Camera Shake... Shutter speed & Focal length

Try to go with the shutter speed (minimum) which is equal to the focal length. If you go with a fx format camera it will be same (i.e, if the focal length is 300mm, you have to set the shutter speed 1/300 or above)...
It is a dx format camera with a little smaller sensor with a crop factor 1.5. In this case your effective focal length will be (300 x 1.5) 450 if you go with 300 marked focal length with your camera. So, in this case you have to go with minimum shutter speed of 1/450 or above...
The other and most important thing is holding the camera firmly with no jerk. With higher focal length and comparatively low light you may have to take a help of a tripod...
And the final is- just try, try and try... Your knowledge would be solid with time. Hope, I can help you with my little photographic knowledge...
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