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Smile Military Industrial Complex

Ciao Raybum

Wow that's an interesting snippet of history. If we ever meet, I would be interested to hear more. Over copious amounts of beer. Or better still, write that book, I know you have it in you.

What stuns me is how overt Dow Chemicals were in actually going to campuses to enlist people. I bet neither they nor their families fought that war. What stuns me more is how blind the people were in not seeing the connection - and the motivation. Whilst we don't have a military industrial complex here in Australia, in recent history we have kow-towed to the USA and its Enrons, Dows and Koch Brothers. Many of us see the connection between the military industrialists, natural resources and the Middle East. But it's not publicised, and those who speak out are labelled crazy Lefty fright bats. Murdoch owns 70% of our media here. Hence the information shut-down. We are one of the most propagandised countries in the world. That's why I feel it's my duty to scream from the rafters. It is the only reason why I use that odious creature Facebook, as you've probably noticed

My uncle was a "tunnel rat" in the Royal Engineers 1st Field Squadron in Vietnam. His number came up in the draft and people were still of a mindset that war was glorious and it was our duty to mindlessly fight someone we had no truck with. He was sprayed with Agent Orange when he was over there, at the tender age of 19. Three of his children were born blind and he died of a brain tumour 2 years ago.

Cheers, and thanks again
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