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Wink Military Industrial Complex

Gidday again Rebel Lisa,

I have many stories about war, but not enough space to write.

Ironically in college many of our professors were WWII veterans, and they all abhorred military action.
My university - California State University at Los Angeles was (and still is) considered the milquetoast of colleges. However we rose up to riot against Dow Chemical when they came on campus to recruit. Encouraged by our professors, the students surrounded their recruiting trailer and prevented them from coming outside. Most of us were not aware, that Dow was the major manufacturer of napalm and agent orange, which was being used to massacre the Vietnamese during our war of invasion, in the name of "Freedom, Democracy and Capitalism vs. Communism".
I was also drafted soon after to go to Vietnam, but got a reprieve by appealing to the head of our Draft Board that I could serve better in an intellectual pursuit. Which led to my being hired by an ex Pentagon colonel to become a transportation government agent/analyst. Then the story gets really long......
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