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Wink Military Industrial continued

Howdy again Rebel Lisa,

I agree we all must read and analyze more and speak out more, etc.
And I am shocked at Murdoch's control in Oz which saddens me even more.
Our "Comedy Central" cable channel takes a unique approach with satirizing politics and the Rich via John Stewart's Daily Show, and the Colbert Report.
I watch it frequently and feel guilty at laughing at realities, but then at least someone is trying to waken us propagandized Yanks.
And I am deeply sorry about your Uncle and family. And can remember our news media and TV back then reporting on what a successful program Agent Orange was. But a few news media reported the truth of how disastrous a chemical it was and totally stupid to use anywhere.
Most of us are not aware that more bombs were dropped on Vietnam than all of Europe and Japan during WWII, and we killed 3 million Vietnamese many women and children.
I would like to meet you and your family, unfortunately we are at the opposite ends of the Earth and family illness is keeping rooted here. Perhaps someday.

And by writing Sierra Nevada photography and travel articles for National Geographic I plan to save and use them for a book if it works out.
Best wishes,
Calbum Ray
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