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Default Re: Book layout - sorry the link did not work

About the book layout some quick comments!

a.) Iím a graphic designer and I believe I can help on that matter.
b.) I think that photographic data such as camera info, Exposure, etc should be mentioned because deep down itís a book about photography!
c.) I saw the sample images on the layout. The one with the roofs and the other on the second page (green) need color correction!!
d.) Also the black line around the photo shouldnít be leave white space in-between!
e.) The descriptions of the two small photos on the first page are far down from each photo they represent.

The separations and prepress methods should be known before converting each photo to CMYK color profile.

Also some sharpening should be done on the resized images to be clear on the printed page because four/color printing is less sharp than dye sublimation printing the photography bureau have!

Can I please participate in the book with any of my photographs?

Best regards
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