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Default Re: To labro33: The Pentax.

It's a gun for's a lot faster, I really like that! Not only 3 fps vs 2,5fps (with maximums of 9 RAW files vs. 5 RAW files in a row) , which doesn't make that much of a difference, but also quicker focussing, faster playback from image to image (browsing on the screen). Everything feels very smooth, where the K100D had some delays, which was little annoying when showing people your photo's on the camera. Jpeg can be shot unlimited till the memory card is full, by the way. I also feel the focus seems a bit more accurate, which is also good ofcourse! And it works very fine together with my eternal flash.

Besides that, quite some options which where hidden in the menu in the K100D, now have a knob, button or little wheel which you turn on the body.

In the menu there are still many options, which give you more freedom here and there.
The weatherseals are a plus aswell, just as the amount of photo's you can take on one battery charge.
The manual says 500 photo's without flash (I don't use the internal flash, since I have the external, which uses it's own batteries), I've taken 200 photo's now..and the battery indicator is still full :-)

It's a bit bigger and a bit heavier, but feels just as well in my hands as the K100D. Don't get me wrong, the K100D was a great great cam, I really enjoyed it, but there was an option to why not I figureD!

Advantages K10D vs K100D :
* AF mode selectable with a button, instead of somewhere in the menu. (AF-Single shot, AF-Continuous, MF)

* AF fields in use has a button (AF points automatically chosen, selectable (nice!), or center AF point only) and is not hidden in the menu anymore.

* metering mode has a button too (16-segment metering, center weighted average or spotmetering)

* auto bracket has a button, and is more managable (2,3,4,5 shots, instead of 3 only)

* 2 e-dials (turning wheels) one on the front, one at the back (K100D only had one at the back). You can asign different functions to the dials in different programs. Really useful for me.

* green button to measure correct exposure.

* more ISO's, they climb up in 1/3 stops instead of full stops

* white balance tweaking

* weathersealed

* faster on many aspects of a dSLR

* longer batterylife

* support for coming UltraSonic Wave motors (SDM Pentax calls it)

* RAW+jpeg

* 0,5 stop better shake reduction

* dust removal

* top lcd panel can be lit by included light, nice for in the evening.

That's the news about the new gun..hehe!

You are getting the K10D aswell, right?
Well..I'll hear your experiences soon I hope!

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