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Default To luisafonso: Stay polite Mr. Afonso!

Hi Luis!

What are you talking about Mr. Afonso? I always tought we were the best buddy in the world, but now that you are insulting me, I just don't know what to think anymore...

Did I ever told you that you were a Greek? A German? A Spanish? So why do you insinuate that Canadians and Americans are the same??? The only thing we have in common Luis, is that you get free soda refills when you go to restaurants in America...

Now, about planting a building in the middle of a National Park... Luis, for god sake, the Rockies are probably ten times bigger than Portugal, so do you mind if they have created 3 or 4 little tiny towns throughout this humongous park, so visitors can sleep soemewhere? It would take a lifetime to see every lakes, every falls, every natural wonders this park has to offer... Banff is like a sand box in the middle of Manhattan...

And I think it's way better to build a landmark hotel in the forest, instead of shaving all the trees around, so it would look more convenient...

You'd better watch out amigo, because when I'll pay you a visit in Lisbonne, I will be very critical about everything! You can bitch against Quebec, I could't care less, but don't do it against Canada. My heart is bleeding Luis, because the Rockies is the only thing we have to attract tourists here, the rest being boring as hell...

To protest against your verbal attack, I will stop drinking your Super Buck for six months now... That means Portugal will loose its profit over one bottle of beer, sold in Canada. Do it again and it will be for an entire year.

While I was writting you this message, I already forgiven you, my beloved Hungarian friend.

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