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Default Adam #2's critiques...

Following up on this post I just read through two pages of Adam's critiques. I found them all to be positive (no "This is Crap!" type posts) and all to have some critical content (no "Great Shot!" posts).

Seems like the site has a problem person or persons as Adam #1 has suggested. IMO 'Not Useful' means that there is nothing in the critique that you can use to look at your photo in a different manner.

One certainly doesn't have to agree with the critiquer. I've gotten some critiques that I certainly didn't agree with, but I valued the ideas. The ideas got me to look more closely at my work, to consider another approach to presenting the image.

This site has remained incredibly free of trolls and other juvenile-type behavior. As we grow there are likely to be more people who just don't get it. I guess Adam #1 is going to have to sort this out.


A#2 - I, too, would like to know which of my critiques have been judged to be not useful. The identification would be very difficult without identifying the person who checked the NU. One would generally guess that the NU came from the photographer who really didn't want his/her photograph critiqued, just praised.


A#1 - (the Original Adam, at least as far as this site is concerned...) - What if a box popped up when someone clicked on 'Not Useful' that reminded the individual why that box was there and asked them for a confirmation to continue? Sort of like, 'Do you really want to post a TOS violation?'.
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