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Originally Posted by chawax View Post
If you want to re-create the bugs, just browse the french version of the site and I am very surprised if you encounter none of the problems some TE members talk about : problems with accents or quotes, TE logos instead of pictures and thumbnails, etc... The site looks OK in english, but there a lot of problems in french that make the site impossible to use.

Two examples of problems with accents :
- Problems with accents :
- Problems with accents and TE logos instead of thumbnails :

About TE logos, it looks like it appears instead of thumbnails and pictures on french version only, not on english one. You open a picture in french, you use the select box to go the english release, you refresh the page, the picture is OK. Back to the french version, refresh the page, the picture is KO. But the problem looks unstable, sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't.

For example I tried this page :

I had problems too with this travelogue page :

If you change the charset of your browser to ISO-8859-15 instead of UTF-8 there is no more problem with accents ... except the ones in the language select ! I really think all the problems you have for about 10 days now deal with charsets, it looks like data and pages don't use the same one.
Thank you -- that's all very good info I will pass along to tech!
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