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Default Any way to find out...

Is there any way to find out which photographers mark your comment as "not useful"?

I'm pretty new to the site, and I really love it. But I was a little dissapointed to see some comments that I had made were "not useful"

The reason that I would like to know who marked them as not useful is so that I can make sure that I don't take any more time out of my busy life to comment on their pictures. I haven't had a lot of people mark them this way - but its just a little frustrating. Short of someone telling me that they think I stink as a photographer - I wouldn't mark any comments as "not useful".

And if there is no way to find out - can I recommend to the site admins for there to be a way?

I'm sure that I can't be alone in being a little frustrated, and want a way to not comment on certain people who don't appreciate your point of view.

And just to clarify, I understand why the "not useful" marker is there - it could be useful to highlight potential trouble makers etc., and I think that it should be there...just open for all to see who didn't appreciate your time and thoughts.
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