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Default Re: Any way to find out... (I)

Hi there Luke.

Firstly let me welcome you to TE. Just out of curiosity I took the time to have a look at and I tried to learn something from you.

After having read your posting I felt that I might be ably to clarify the comment's rating system. Especially after your line "I understand why the "not useful" marker is there - it could be useful to highlight potential trouble makers" I concluded that you probably misunderstand this rating system.

If I would have to come up with three keywords to describe TrekEarth mostlikely I would summarize that TE is about Photography, Understanding and Learning. Learning by means of inspiration (to analyze work from other members), by means of discussions (to comment or to exchange experiences) but also by means of feedback.

Though the comment's rating system is limited, it does have a clear function. Just like the comments you receive it provides you the opportunity to learn. Both positive and negative criticism can be constructive and learnful as well depending one the person who recieves them and how willingly and open-minded that person is to benefit from that criticism. With other words, seeing and taking the opportunity to learn from others.

Having said this the "not useful" marker is far from used for highlighting trouble makes but moreover used to discourage members to give ratings such as "Cover of a magazine", "Love this one" or "Great shot".
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