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Default Sometimes a little knowledge is a dangerous thing...

If we were able to tell who checked the 'Not Useful' I suspect that there would be a significant amount of fighting.

I'd do this:

Look back over your critiques. See if you gave the equivalent of "Great job!" or "This one stinks!" comments.

Comments, in my lexicon here, are responses given that contain no elements of critique. They provide no information as to why the image is good or what might be done to improve it (or future shots).

Quite literally, these comments are 'Not Useful' in my book. Praise is nice, we could possibly use a method to toss bouquets to images that we like. But empty praise (or condemnation) doesn't a critique make.

If you don't find that you've given empty comments, look to see if other critiquers have greatly disagreed with you. Perhaps you were wildly off base from time to time. (We all have bad days.)

If your personal 'Not Useful's don't seem to fall into one of the two above categories, I think it safe to assume that someone isn't good at accepting criticism, that they have some need for personal growth. That isn't your problem.

I find it best to try to find something good to say about an image along with my criticism. A little sugar helps the medicine go down.
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