To Nelu_Goia: Image details

  • Hi Nelu,
    I'm actually pleased that you cannot really tell whether this is a raw or out of camera jpeg - I do endeavor to present images as close to real as possible! This in fact is an out of camera j-peg with only very minor adjustments with Nik Eflex software. I also cloned out some overhead wires in the distance. Nikon D300s - Settings were Shutter 1/100 at F16 and IS0 200. Any comments or thoughts? Gerald
  • Comments and thoughts
    Hello again my friend,
    Jpeg,huh? Yeah, Nikon loves colors and I guess the defaults for their "Vivid" setting really boost the colors...
    The sky is a dangerous beast, especially when it`s cloudless or with very few clouds. When this happen, if you just boost the saturation (which many third-party plugins do to make the photo pop) without trying to increase the contrast and especially the local contrast the final effect will be similar to a bucket fill: lots of color but flat.
    The sky, the real sky has no two points alike, it`s all a very fine gradient with an unlimited number of shades of blue and it`s impossible to fake.
    In your photo the sky is real, no doubt about that but I believe the saturation boost was not accompanied by a necessary increase in (local) contrast.
    If you you Nik Software, maybe you want to give it a try by using "Tonal Contrast" and you`ll see what I mean.
    "Color Contrast Range"`s effect is not too good for the sky and I believe it should be applied with moderation, using negative control points to reduce its intensity.
    In my opinion none of the third party filters can do something Photoshop can`t but in order to do it in Photoshop you need to understand first how it works; the rest is easy
    Most important for any filter to work correctly is to start with an image which is properly white-balanced in the first place, either in-camera or as a first step in Photoshop. They all assume that white is white, grey is neutral and black is black; as simple as that
    OK, too much talk from me, I`ll just let you have fun