To chawax: Dangerous Red Squirrels.....

  • Hi Olivier,

    Oh, yes, this is Scotland and these red squirrels are so big and dangerous that they could swallow you and your car in one bite!

    Seriously, the numbers of our "native" red squirrels are sadly on the decline in Britain due to the ever increasing numbers of grey squirrels which compete with them for food and also carry a disease - "squirrelpox" - which can kill the red ones. So people are becoming very protective of red squirrels here and this sign (I've never seen a similar one anywhere else) is presumably there to tell you that you should avoid driving over a red squirrel that runs in front of your car.

    Interestingly, I believe from some other TE members that red squirrels are very common indeed in places such as France and Poland. Do you not have grey squirrels? I believe that the grey squirrels which we have came originally from America.

    And thank you for your kind remarks on this picture!


  • Yes, these red squirrels are the ones we have in France. No grey squirrels for the moment, but from what I found on Wikipedia they are in Italy today (they were introduced in 1948) and cause the same problems you have in Britain. They could propagate to France in the coming decades.
    Have a nice sunday,