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  • Ηi Emiel,
    Thanks for your comment and critique.Really your note is so useful.I didn't know,until now.the way of savings files for web.I ll try it to the next one.
    Thanks again,
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    I read Emiel's comment about the "Save for Web" command in CS2. Be careful because this save command erases the EXIF data from your photos.
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    Ευχαριστω Μπαμπη θα το προσεξω ιδιαιτερα.
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    Αν σε ενδιαφέρει να κρατήσεις τα EXIF data όπως εγώ, δοκίμασε με το κλασσικό "Save As..."
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    That's noted in my post aswell. It ain't that bad if you keep the original file, you can always access the exif from that file if you need it. If you really want to keep it, then indeed work with 'save as', the filesize given for certain quality ratings there(1-12) are estimates. In general an estimated filesize of 170kb or less result in a file smaller than 200kb. Sometimes the filesize get's bigger than the estimation, sometimes smaller..
    An estimated size of 194kb for example, can result in a file of 213kb when you use 'save as' and then you can't post it here anymore.
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    I know the problem that "Save As" has about the file sizes. Anyway, I choose a level down to meet the proper size. My personal opinion is that is more easy to have the EXIF data inserted automaticaly from TE that to do this work handy. :)
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    Yeah it takes some time..I switch between both ways of saving, if I think I can easily make it with save as (thus maintaining enough detail, even if the resulting file would be 150 or 170kb for example) then I choose save as. It's easy then to maintain the exif info. If I think the detail level in a highly detailed photo would suffer from compression, then I go for a filesize of 198kb and lose the exif. It takes some more time to put it in, indeed, but for me it's just a minute extra. I put it in manually in the notes most of the times aswell :)

    Anyway there are thus some options to save and we can choose :)

    If the estimaation from PS CS3 is better then I go for using 'save as' again only.
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    Hi Emiel

    Well, you have right from your part. Maybe I'm a bit lazy to do this work manually :)

    Best regards