To trinko: Silicon ghost town

  • It is close to Milpitas, but no access from that side, unless you are a duck.
    Head over to Alviso, go to the old marina "kinda sketchey" hike out the Right side levy, keep going until you get to a RR crossing, jump on the tracks, "watch for trains" they avg 1 every 1/2 hour or less, some doing over 80MPh, walk over the first tressel and you are there...
    This place is Way cool. You could also go to DonEdwards wildlife perserve but they close early, not good if you are going early or late "best light", but very safe for cars.

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    Hi Rich,

    Very interesting. I'm going to have to check that out some time, since I only live a few miles from there. Do you get there from Don Edwards or park in Alviso?

    Certainly more convenient than driving a few hundred miles to Bodie ;)

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    ether way is good, but the Don Edwards is more secure for your car but they close at 4:30pm most of the time. If you want good light early or late, stick to Alviso.