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Great Oldtree 2004-12-08 15:13

Ah a shot with your new Lens. Great detail and sharpness Curtis. I like how you froze thos four gulls in different moments of the flying process. A nice study. I like it.

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Default To Oldtree: Perhaps you've heard...

the old adage Thomas, that if you took enough monkeys seated at enough typewriters, you'd eventually end up with the Encyclopedia Britannica. If you take enough photos of enough birds flitting around in the sky, with good enough camera equipment, you're bound to come up with at least one or two worthy photos... ;-)

A person with whom I was quite close many years ago has published five books of photographs. I visited the photo lab in his basement many times and recall vividly when he'd return from a photo excursion with hundreds of rolls of film to develop. He certainly had many thousands of photos from which he'd select a couple of dozen for inclusion in each book. Sometimes we'd pour over the contact sheets from each roll as he made preliminary selections of what he would print.

I didn't finally appreciate how challenging it can be to get a really fine photo until I started recently taking photos with a measure of seriousness. Before it was merely a couple of snapshots of family events or to mark a holiday. So count what I present to TE as among the cream of the crop. No doubt there are more photos of quality with the new lenses, but still, the really good ones require the right conditions. I had taken nothing that particular morning of any value, until the little girl started throwing bread crumbs and the seagulls began dancing. I was simply in the right place, at the right time with a camera that responded quickly to the unfolding scene.

Thanks for sharing your observations Thomas. They are always welcome.
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Default Re: To Oldtree: Perhaps you've heard...

Yes seagulls are a nice target. They are predictable in their actions. They are not afraid of humans, so you get pretty close and often they nearly stand in the air when their is enough wind. But it is still hard to get four of those in this quality in one shot.
I recently encountered for myself how it is to make a lot of shots from one location of for one purpose. The thing which disturbed me most is the cheer number of shots to eveluate and post process. That is very time consuming. But I still like the fact, that I'm able to do it. In older days I wouldn't have done it at all because of the cost to develop 100th or even 10th of film rolls just to select a few photo's from them.
And yes the equipment is fine to press out the last extra bit of quality but a good photographer can easily make good shots with normal equipment. Thats what I'm telling me when starting to get lost in the thought of buying a new camera (EOS 20D for example) or looking for other lenses. I say to myself, stop it Thomas. First learn to become a "decent photographer" (on amateur level) and then perhaps you can get some more equipment. Let's see if I will always win the battle with myself. :-)
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