To macondo: Very helpful critique

  • Hi! Macondo
    Like you said, I'm a new member here but the knowledge I'm gaining in a few days is helping me a lot, specially when editing a photo. Before I didn't pay closed attention to the horizon and now after your comments I realize that a leveled horizon looks much better in the composition. Also I had no idea about placing the horizon 1/3 from the bottom or the top. My original photo has people in the water in the foreground and I had to cropped them out. On the left my original also has a partial palm tree very close to the boat that I thought was very distracting and I had to trimmed it out. I applied some sharpening using Photoshop cs2 but didn't apply enough contrast thinking that the colors would look too rich. The photo looks a lot better in the workshop thanks to you. I'll post a new photo keeping in mind your valuable advice. Thank you so much!