To ifege: Many thanks!!!

  • Hi Ian,

    The penny has dropped - I had no idea I was voting on a photo from a friend!!!
    Gus was looking at my photo's on TE & said that's Ian from the S.H.Photographic Society he & his wife came to our home for a meal.
    Well...small world isn't it?
    I looked at voting on photo's from different parts of the globe & I think one of your photo's showed up as a random.
    I joined TE as a bit of a joke to stir Gus up... picked a name '' The Best '' only to find that when I wanted to delete or change the name '' I COULDN'T '' I put a slightly out of focus photograph that I loved of a little Mexican girl & a few photo's followed & not much happened after that - work load I guess & I did not have a decent camera or the passion for getting into photography.
    Gus bought me a small camera of my choice last August & I used it whilst on another overseas trip am still using the same camera & I am having a wonderful time - talk about being passionate I have found a hobby that I love.
    I decided to be an active member of TE & give Gus a run for his money....ha! ha!
    Anyway thanks so much for your kind comments...I will think about becoming a member of the SHPS...just do not want to spoil all Gus's fun.

    Take care Ian my regards to Margaret.