poor TE

  • hi Andreas,

    I didn't make the experience of TE administrators bad behaviour like you or others, except a long time ago, I posted a cat in a village which had a bad look towards me and TE said it was "pets picture" and delete it.
    When I see a lot of dogs and cats pictures on the gallery, I smile...

    Anyway, I agree with you when you say that TE admin conduced some good photographers to leave this site.
    As for french ones, I could quote Marietom, Clio, Photo65Net, eversmile, ninal, devimeuxbe, Xavshot, delkoo... and more !
    and others : Clementi...
    That's a pity not to see their pictures again here ; I can see some on Facebook (some have a Facebook page) but not for all.
    And, then, here on TE, we can see a lack of qualitiy, your're right. As for you, in a day, if I give 3-4 green smileys, it's a rich day !

    I feel a little sad (it's all relative) because TE was a good idea at the beginning.

    Do you have a website, a blog or a Facebook page to see your pics if you leave TE ?