No Trek Nature

  • an someone explain why when trying to log intoTrek Nature you get the message "access denied".

    Also I have been unable to log on the above for the past year. Why.
  • Quite simply, IB, the company which owns the sites decided it was no longer viable to continue to support it.
  • This is from the Announcements section, posted late 2020.
  • I am afraid we can expect something similar here soon. I've been on TE since 2008 and I remember what a joy this site has been at that time. But it's been 14 years ago. Time really flies so fast.
  • I joined in 2003 and it was a superb site at that time. The amount of genuine, constructive feedback was amazing and I learnt a huge amount. Some of the members from that time actually went on to be full time pro photographers.
    It's sad to see what TE has become, but the growth of social media, where all people seem to want is to be told how great they are, hasn't helped. Another photographic site I'm a member of is closing its forum at the end of the month and has created a Facebook group instead. That will kill off the opportunity for critiquing images there.