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Great Romano46 2013-06-23 5:34

Ciao Jean Renaud
la laguna veneta è uno dei luoghi che io amo di più, soprattutto quando ci si allontana dal Canal grande e dalla città di Venezia che, purtroppo, soprattutto in estate è letteralmente invasa dai turisti e perde il suo carattere naturale.
Ma la laguna non è solo Venezia e come ci si allontana dalla città si respira un'atmosfera ben diversa, quella stessa che hai saputo cogliere al meglio in questa tua bella foto nella quale ina luce particolarmente bella ti ha permesso di esprimere la sua infinita poesia.
Una bella composizione nella quale la nitidezza è eccellente ed il colore si comporta da protagonista con la silhouette della città sullo sfondo.
Ciao e buona domenica

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Default To macjake: What a disaster!

Hi Craig,

I'm pleased you like this place! and, yes, I really did think of you while I was prowling around this ruin!

Yes, you're right. After it fell into disuse in 1984, it was vandalised and at least part of it was set on fire. There's no roof apart from a few very unstable and rotten rafters sticking up here and there. There's big signs all around it telling you it's a very dangerous building and to keep out. And I saw great chunks of masonry which looked as though they were about to crumble and fall down too.

No, I didn't go inside the building. I went there just on Friday night with a few members of our local camera club. One or two went inside but they weren't able to get any decent photos inside it. I think it was a bit smelly too - no doubt some of the "winos" and "dossers" had used the place as a public toilet over the years. And because all the internal staircases had been wooden, there was no access to higher levels either. The interior is now almost filled with bushes and bits of trees as well as general rubbish, beer cans and bottles.

Funny, but I remember watching a programme on the telly a couple of years ago about how buildings deteriorate and fall to bits. Some people had done a study on a town near Chernobyl. After the nuclear disaster at Chernobyl in 1986, the town was evacuated and left totally unoccupied for many years. Researchers found that almost all of the buildings in the town had perished and fallen down. Then they extrapolated the results of their research to include other things like bridges, etc. Things like Golden Gate Bridge consume an enormous amount of money for their general upkeep and repair and, if left alone without any maintenance whatsoever, would probably collapse in about 20 years or so. The outcome of the study was that if the human race suddenly disappeared, then after about 300 years there would be very little evidence that we had actually existed - the only structures that would still remain would be things like the Pyramids of Egypt, Stonehenge, or your statues on Easter Island. Everything else would have pretty much disappeared!


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