Display of "Map of Photographed Countries"

  • Hi,
    I was wondering how one "turns on" or activates the "Map of Photographed Countries". Under account > My Photos > Overview, the countries photographed used to be displayed on the world map (at least one day after upload), but this function seems to not work (anymore).
    Thanks for help, as this feature is very nice.
  • This function is unfortunately currently out of commission.
  • OK, thanks for your answer. But it will be available again I guess?
    Best, Chris
  • Hi Chris,
    we had this conversation before.
    It seems TrekEarth will not be updated anymore. There are many features which are not working anymore but the owners do not feel like it is worth to invest in this site. It is very sad for all of us who love the site but we are slowly getting used to the idea that it is going to die very soon.
    I agree with you that having the maps, also the regional maps was something truly unique for this page.
    KInd regards,
  • Hello IBJoel,
    Would it be possible to make this feature "Map of Photographed Countries" work again? It is a very nice feature of TE.
    Mélodie & Chris


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