Sorry, ...

  • Sorry Gert, I can't make comment on this photo..
    I tried to make comment on this photo when you just uploaded, I typed 4 times and uploaded 4 times, they all disappeared.. it said: "Invalid ac_i_query.." I don't know what that means.. but in between my frustrations, I saw Angel's comment came up, mine still didn't.. Try it again!
    Indeed, an amusing image with deeper meaning in it. The finger pointed leads the viewers' eye towards the ear, his own hand on his ear, the woman who was passing by hand on her ear.. it's all about ears. The visible ears and invisible ears on(in) the wall. If one is monitored by a regime, the ear can destroy you or save the actor:"I didn't hear you.."
    Interesting note, enjoy it as always...

    Failed again, a few hours later..., slightly wiser, kept the writing this time, so that I could leave the note here..