To Juzo: hey Justin.

  • Hello Justin, an old friend shows up, i am overjoyed !

    Its been ages since i came to TE, you know take a walk, share something. i am happy that you have been clicking all the way, i see from your gallery it has become richer and diverse, something i always knew would happen with your photography.

    You still remember i am from Calcutta !!!

    am excited about your travel plans, nepal is fantastic too, i think the country i still going through the after effects of the massive earthquake. but would be a fantastic trip. i was there in '98.

    Well i don't live in kolkata currently. my work is in Mumbai so i ve been here for 6 years now. Will see what can be done should you make the india trip. I would suggest make a trip to Rajasthan, Monastries in Ladkah and Ladakh in general, Varanasi for the spiritual experience. Kolkata yes definitely, i will see if my brother can show you around. and mumbai, yes definitely, i will be happy to see here !

    I think my photography has gone for a toss, you know what happens when you sit in front of a screen 12 hours a day with four walls closing in on you, you stop "seeing" and in photography you have to be able to "see".

    take care
  • Calcutta
    Hi Sayeed,
    Thank for the reply, I get onto TE maybe once every 6 months now at most, so I am glad to catch you by chance! I know what you mean with work and photography - I have also hit a lull and do not get out so much due to long hours of work. But alas, I travel to save my photography!
    The main reason Calcutta (or do locals prefer Kolkata?), is on the agenda is after Nepal, my wife really wanted to go to Darjeeling, and we had about 9 days total after Nepal - Calcutta was the closest big city with good flights back to Brisbane. The more we read and look at Calcutta, the more curious we became, so when it's all arranged I'll flick you my details.
    We plan to visit other parts of India in the future, it looks so large, diverse, and fascinating.
    I hope you get some moments to get out there and shoot, your talents are too good to let go. I used my phone for a while, and it got me going again.
    Cheers from Brisbane
  • Kolkata
    Hello Sayeed!
    Happy new year to you. I have returned from 4-5 days in Kolkata - it was wonderful - fascinating city at every turn, great history, food. We walked around a few northern areas (Shobhabazar, Barabazaar, Kumartuli), and also checked out New Market and BBD Bagh too plus the river. Loved the public transport - cheap and avoided traffic - the ferry, bus, metro and trams all got used.