To PaulVDV: Ugly railings

  • Thanks for your visit Paul,
    I am aware of the ugliness of the railings, and I am not used to cloning, nor do I think it honest.
    As you say, I couldn't very well avoid them, except perhaps cropping the bottom of the photo. That wouldn't have taken much of the building off.
    However, their presence there do tell a story too. According to ChriJ, in 2013 he could still walk through the arches.
    But, over the centuries, the monument was much vandalised and a great part of the friezes, sculptures, columns disappeared.
    Nowadays, I suppose the thousands and thousands of ever-increasing tourists bring their toll. If only , so many people walking at the base could make it more fragile.The stones could suffer graffitti etc...
    So let's say it's a necessary evil.
    Kindest regards.