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Great photoray 2014-07-28 6:38

Howdy Mermaid,

Dang! Now I'm crying too. The Rich & Greedy continue to dominate and ignore not only human decency when it comes to profits, but also Nature. Their control of politicians and government employees permits them to continue whatever agenda they wish. And it happens at all levels of government.

And a big stupidity is that coal is not only toxic and destructive but alternative energy is better and more profitable. A few wind turbines can provide enough electricity to run a small town. Roof solar panels can provide enough electricity for an entire home's needs. etc. etc... And like all the negative propaganda aimed at the electric car by the dominating oil companies, many people believe their lies to be true. Alon Musk and others are proving them wrong.

A fine view of the Great Barrier Reef in green hues with the vast fields of coral visible below.
Coral is the life blood of the ocean for all marine animals and plants. But it is fragile to human toxins, and easily destroyed. The Sierra Club has been telling us to visit it before it is gone.

Fighting the Rich & Greedy's propaganda bullshit is one step in the right direction.

Keep up the fine journalism and photo images,
Pisces Ray

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Smile To photoray: See It Before It's Gone

Ciao SierraRay

They gave you good advice: see the Reef before it's killed. I would think that with the combined effects of global warming and this coal mine, that you'd have 5-10 years to buy that ticket. Maybe. Ningaloo Reef in Western Australia has a fair bit longer.

The fossil fuel industry is an anachronism, costly and so damaging to our planet and the health of our population. The only people taking us backwards are the politicians who have been bought by the mining industry and the right-wing media, who have a vested interest. Many banks are now divesting in funding fossil fuel ventures, through pressure from the people. Through protest and direct action, many mines here are becoming commercially unviable.

We can all do our bit, which I'm sure you're doing. Like changing banks from a major funder of the fossil fuel industry to a bank which refuses to fund them. Like having our homes almost fully reliant on solar power. By avoiding using services and products owned and run by a media who only serves the interests of those huge industries, like Rupert Murdoch, News Limited, Fox (internet, phone, TV, newspaper). By writing constantly to our members of parliament to remind them that we are the ones who elected them and their duty is to us, not to Big Business. And most importantly, being involved in non-violent protest and direct action. If we want to be heard, we need to hit these [email protected] where it hurts most - in their profits.

In my response to Daddo's wonderful critique, I attached a link to a video of what we did at the Maules Creek coal mine. I invite you to have a look and share it with your brothers and sisters at the Sierra Club:

Thanks for the support, kindest regards

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Wink Coal Mining in NSW

Gidday Lisa,

Thank you for sharing this informative video on the destructive coal mining industry in NSW.

Our President Obama has issued an "Executive Order" for Coal electric plants to reduce operations. Unfortunately, the Republican party in Congress is suing for his impeachment for what they say is going beyond his executive power.

It will be interesting if our People continue to believe in the Rich & Greedy's propaganda which is very dominate. Money does buy many controls and the news and TV media is one of their major propaganda sources.

Keep up the battle,
and best wishes for success,
failure is not an option,
Sierra Ray
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