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  jasmis 2006-02-02 6:52

The sitar is a Hindustani classical instrument. Acoustic sitars typically have a gourd acting as the resonating chamber. A distinctive feature are the curved frets, which are moveable (allowing fine variation in tuning) and raised (so that resonant, or sympathetic, strings can run underneath the frets, giving a very lush sound). A typical sitar has 18 or 19 strings (depending on the style) — there are 6 (in the Vilayat Khan style) or 7 (in the Ravi Shankar style) playable strings on top and 11 or 12 sympathetic strings or tarbs under the frets. It is rather difficult to tune the instrument. The strings can be tuned using both the pegs on the sides or the 'beads' at the bottom, which are mainly for fine tuning.
The origin of the name, sitar is most likely from the Persian, like much of north Indian music terminology. The corresponding Persian name is setar, meaning three strings, although there are significant differences between the setar and sitar, suggesting that the sitar developed later and is possibly a direct descendent of the setar (it is also quite likely that the sitar is an adaption of the much older Indian instrument the rudra veena). This is one of many instruments in the lute family of Persian instruments, included among them is the barbat, from which the Arabian oud is most likely derived. (The name lute itself being derived from Al-Oud, via contact of the Arab empire with Europe).
So "sattar" - in what language it is?

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thanks for the detailed informatic comment. I do not have great music knowledge. So I just translated the pronunciation according to my local language Urdu. thanks
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